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At present the Russian Glass Company has the manufacturing potential and advanced equipment that makes possible a production and delivery to the Russian construction market more than 6000 thousand sq. m per a year of high quality insulating glass units completely corresponding to European and world standards. The maximum sizes of insulating glass units are 3210x6000 mm.

The Russian Glass Company is one of the universally recognized leaders in industrial glass processing of Russian Federation. Using 30 automated lines by LISEC (Austria) we can produce any insulation glass units, including structural ones with use of various glasses made by AGC, Pilkington, Guardian concerns.

At present Closed Joint-Stock Company "RGC" uses in insulating glass unit manufacturing the following production: the polished float glass Planibel of AGC group, energy saving glass with soft coating Planibel Top N, architectural glass (Planibel tinted, Sunergy, StopSol, StopRay), film triplex Stratobel.

Use of the specialized equipment provides high quality and long service life of insulating glass units. Use of 30 automated modern lines LISEC (Austria) allows to cut the glass of applied size and automatically break it along X, Y and Z axes with opportunity of complex geometrical figure cutting.

The production facilities of the Russian Glass Company include 8 horizontal tempering furnaces, including the furnace of Tamglass (Finland) Company ProE Magnum-3360-ES-20 + ProBend CB-2442-5А for glass bending and tempering, permitting to temper various kinds of modern glass, including glass with energy-saving coating. The equipment allows producing and using in insulating glass unit production tempered glass with the minimum optical distortions and deviations from flatness.

On the base of specificity of concrete orders a wide spectrum of various kinds of glass processing such as drilling, grinding, polishing, edge’s blunting takes place. High-precision processing multipurpose equipment with numerical programmed control is represented at production areas (Intermas (Italy), Bavelloni (Italy), Benteller (Germany), TORGAUER (Germany), LISEC (Austria)).

The Russian Glass Company starts 2 lines of glass lamination 3210X6000 mm of LISEC (Austria) for the purpose of satisfaction of quickly growing demand in the building, architectural and furniture markets demanding use of difficult products of industrial glass processing.