Russian Glass Company → Our performed works



Central Bank

Sport and Concert complex
“Ice Palace”


Business center


Shopping and Entertainment complex


Exhibition complex


Ladoga Train Station

Automobile service center &ldaquo;Lexus”


Automobile service center “Gregory Cars”


Automobile service center “Eurosib Lakhta”

House estate “Fifth element”


House on the Tverskaya street

“County Casino”

Office building of “Neste” company

Business center “Eureca”

Shopping center “Miller center”



Business center
(Vavilovykh street)


Moscow International Business Center
“Moscow city”


Office center “Dukat-3”

Business center “Arkada Plaza”

Shopping center “Sheremetyevo”

“Tower 2000”

Housing estate “Corona”

Housing estate “Mirax Park”

Housing estate

Business center on the Udaltsova street

Business center

Administrative office center
of Moscow region government


Office Center on the Trubnaya street

Office Center on the Barrikadnaya street

Housing estate “Mirax Park”

Shopping Center “Teply Stan”


Office Center on the Spasskaya street

Moscow International Business Center

Office of “GAZPROM” Company

Housing estate on the Noviy Arbat street 


Other cities

Nizhny Novgorod
Shopping complex


Nizhny Novgorod


Nizhny Novgorod
Housing estate
“Proviantskaya bashnya”


Nizhny Novgorod


Nizhny Novgorod
Business Center


Nizhny Novgorod
“Grand Plaza”


Nizhny Novgorod
Housing estate
“Dve bashni”


Nizhny Novgorod
“Alexandrovsky Sad” Complex


Nizhny Novgorod
Shopping Center “OBI”


Administrative building of Traffic Police  

Designer clothes shop


Administration building
of the Pension fund

Office center portal

Office Center


Administration building of Government House


Priority activities of “RGC” are:

- mass production of complex insulating glass units with energy-saving, solar control and multifunctional glass;

- manufacturing of insulating glass;

units for structural glazing, now more and more often used for various architectural projects;

- increase in production volume using safety glasses - tempered, laminated and fireproof;

- complex supply of glass products to the large architectural objects in St.-Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities.